A few of my favourite things #MRX #FF

If there was such a thing as a Follow Friday for bloggers, this would be my list. These bloggers always deliver honest, thought provoking, and no holds barred opinions about market research and related topics. If you want someone to make you think twice or if you want to deliver a face palm to yourself, then be sure to follow these folks.

I couldn’t possibly figure out which blog I love the most so here they are in alphabetical order, including a link to an interesting recent post.

Reg Baker – The Survey Geek: Representativiteit is dood, lang leve representativiteit!

Tom Ewing – The Blackbeard Blog: The Blackbeard Blog Conference Awards 2012

Simon Kendrick – Curiously Persistent: There are no such things as insights

Ron Shevlin – Snarketing2.0: Thought Leadershi*

If you want read a whole host of market research blogs, be sure to search out MRXblogs on Twitter.


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  1. You are too kind, Annie.

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