The four toughest questions you must ask #MRX

Question dog

What exactly are the toughest questions when it comes to social media listening research? They’re the ones that force you to admit your weaknesses, your faults, your errors. So if you’re going to take the plunge, here are five questions that could make vendors squirm.

  1. What percentage of your social media data is associated with gender? age? country?  It’s really easy to say “We have demographic data.” It’s really hard to say “Only 1% of our data has age.” If you need demographic information, you need to get an honest answer before you sign the deal.
  2. How much time does a human being spend cleaning out the spam? It’s easy to say “Humans review all of our data.” It’s a lot harder to say “Humans will spend about 2 minutes on your data.” If you need your data cleaned of spam and completely relevant, you’d better hear numbers like 8 hours per brand.
  3. What happens when data comes from a ten year old? It’s easy to say “They’re all grouped together.” It’s really hard to say “We delete all data from children aged 13 and under.”
  4. How valid is your sentiment scoring? It’s really easy to say “Our validity scores are 90% and higher.” It’s really hard to say “Because of sarcasm, evolving language, poor grammar,and many other problems, our validity scores are around 70%.”

Go ahead. Make them squirm.

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