Top Ten Posts of 2012 #MRX

In memory of what turned out to be a great 2012, here are the top ten LoveStats posts of the year as determined by reader counts. Keep it simple,  scholars!

  1. survey designReally Simple Statistics: Nominal Ordinal Interval and Ratio Numbers
  2. Really Simple Statistics: p values
  3. My Tastebuds are Leptokurtic, How About Yours?
  4. A Pie Chart of my Favourite bars…
  5. Survey Design Tip #3: Do You Encourage Straightlining?
  6. Really Simple Statistics: What is Nominal Data?
  7. Gay lunch and gay parking
  8. Really Simple Statistics: What is Interval Data?
  9. The 6 Worst Market Research Mistakes
  10. Really Simple Statistics: T-Tests
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