You don’t need norms when you’re bankrupt #MRX


As I listened to the NewMR Festival mainstage today, one point kept coming back. It’s not a new point. It comes up at every conference.

We can’t change our surveys because then the norms would change.

What does this means for surveys? It means that surveys will continue to be boring, continue to be too long, continue to annoy consumers, continue to encourage straightlining and speeding and lying, continue to generate poor quality data, continue to measure the wrong things, continue to leave out the most important measurement, and continue to generate norms that compare your brand to other brands as they existed in the 1970’s.

If you can’t improve your surveys because you are worried about having no norms then you aren’t measuring the right things the right way. You are expanding the library of useless norms. Oh yes, they are indeed norms and norms help us understand our business, but those kinds of norms just mean that your business strays further and further from reality, and closer and closer to losing all consumer relevance.

So keep those 30 year old norms going. We all love norms.

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