What is this thing we all seek called engagement? #SocialMedia

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Any good blogger knows that at the end of your post, you must leave your readers with a statement like the following:

“Do you agree with this?”
“What is your opinion on this?”
“How do you respond in situations like this?”

The theory is that by inviting commentary from your readers, you will create engagement and that is something we all want. But that isn’t engagement. That is prompted conversation and elicited opinions. Everyone knows about the comment boxes on blogs and that they can write a comment if they so desire so why must we remind them? Because we wrote such a sucky post that they didn’t didn’t want to engage.

True engagement is unprompted. It requires no solicitation and no encouragement. People simply feel the urge to put fingers to keyboard and share their reactions to your words. True engagement shows up when people search all over the page to find a comment box that isn’t immediately obvious.

So how do you “get” someone to engage with you? It’s quite simple. Write an intriguing post straight from the heart that solves or addresses a real problem head on. Forget the fluffy big words, drop the buzzwords, and get right to the point. Stop asking for engagement and start deserving it.

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