If a Canadian goes to Australia, they really should… #AMSRS

English: Vegemite and Cheesymite products from...amsrs summer schoolIt seems I will be visiting the lovely and unique Australia, specifically Surfer’s Paradise, next February as part of the AMSRS Summer School where I will be leading a full day course on the technicalities of social media research. You can download the event brochure here but I’d much rather you register and join me for a day full of new ideas, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, hands on playing with a real social media research tool with genuine Australian brands, and, of course, lots of fun.

But more seriously, when I travel outside of Canada, I try to impart a little Canadian wisdom on my new friends. That includes saying “eh” as much as possible, asking for “pop,” and asking who’s bringing a “two-four” to the party.

But it needs to be a two way street, right? It shouldn’t be all school and no fun. So my dear Australian friends, will you help me fill out this list? What should I do/eat/look out for when we meet? The list begins:

  1. Try Vegemite, even if it kills me
  2. Eat a TimTam (or 30)
  3. Eat some Caramello koalas
  4. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
  5. Your suggestion here…
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