The Bakery Review: Sally Lunn’s

Are you ready?

Today’s bakery review is of Sally Lunn’s, a “historic eating house” in Bath, England. The claim to fame for this eatery is that in 1680, a young lady from France brought her bread recipe to her new workplace in Bath and now, the deed to this house includes the recipe. Let me introduce you to this extraordinary 350 year old bun.

First, if you order take away, they put the lowly little bun into its own pretty cardboard box and then into a heavy duty plastic bag. When you can resist no longer and open the box, you find your lovely bun in a thinner plastic bag. Inside that bag is your treasure and it’s no little treasure. I’ve placed my HTC phone and my hand beside the bun so you can see just how big it is. And if that frame of reference doesn’t work for you, I also managed to take a picture of myself eating said bun. It’s gigantic!

You can also see inside the bun. As promised, it’s light and airy, deceiving for its size. It’s a tasty bun, slightly sour, but essentially an ordinary white bun. You’re supposed to eat it sliced, toasted, and spread with cinnamon or jam but I can never stand to spoil a lovely bread with contaminants like jelly.

The bun fun comes from the history behind it, the ridiculous size, and the lovely (yet overdone) packaging for a £2 bun. Totally worth it and they could charge even more for it. Don’t tell them I said that.

Sally Lunn Box

Sully Lunn open boxSally Lunn bun
Sally Lunn Bun insideSally Lunn's shop

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