Developing skill sets across a global organization: Corrine Moy #IJMR2012 #MRX

Welcome to this series of live blogs from the IJMR Research Methods Forum in London. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.

Skills, competencies and working practices – Filling the gaps: How to develop consistent skill sets across a global organisation
Corrine Moy, Global Director of Marketing Sciences, GfK NOP

  • Suppliers want vendors to meet objectives and deliver profit
  • We train researchers on methodology and then we send them on short sessions to learn the commercial side
  • Dilemma is are researchers are methodologists not commercial people, not used to working in complex matrix structures, work in small practice areas
  • How to structure a training program
    • Face to face by experts
    • local culture and language must be taken into account
    • eLearning is for support and backup, and process training; it takes way longer and much more money to do it
  • Africa is an emerging force in market research, we need people on the ground here. easy to underestimate the size of Africa: US + China + India + Europe fit into it.
  • Developed MSc in MR in four African countries, collaborated with National Statistics Offices, collaborated with other training instuties to offer interviewer and DP training including SPSS [how biased is my life view? I rarely think of Africa as having educated, working people. I still have the poor starving child in my head.]
  • Training the trainer issues
    • Things will not be how you think they will be. The teachers didn’t really know how to teach so that was part of the training.
    • When people say they understand statistics, they feel that they must say yes even if they have never taken statistics.
    • Interviewers are poorly paid so cheating is rife and costs of checking are high. Accredited systems are hard to support due to costs of joining and maintaining.
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