A language guide for my American friends: How to say eh!

Sure, sure, Americans and Canadians both speak English. But once in a while, a word sneaks into one culture but not the other. The word “eh” is one of those pesky little words so here is your ultimate guide to using eh correctly.


  • First of all, the word,  if I may call it that, rhymes with bay, day, hay, gay, lay, may, and say.


  • It is generally set at the end of a sentence to turn it into a question that means something like
    • don’t you agree
    • don’t you think
    • isn’t it true
    • you know

Used in a sentence

  • These nanaimo bars sure are good, eh? [And you reply, yeah man!]
  • That movie was terrible, eh? [And you reply, yeah, it was awful]
  • I ate so many naniamo bars, eh, and now I’m completely stuffed [And you reply, you’re such a pig!]

How often we use it?

  • Very rarely
  • More often in casual conversations as opposed to business or professional settings
  • If I’m lucky, I’ll hear it once every few weeks

Now go practice!

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