Guide to Geeks and Weirdos by Ron Rentel #QRCA #MRX

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Welcome to this series of live blogs from the QRCA conference in Montreal. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.

What Really Makes Consumers Tick? Your Guide to Trend-Setters and Consumers Who Count!
Presenter: Ron Rentel

  • Intersect with consumers in their lives, not in artificial setting – consumer immersion research
  • C-type
    • multidimensional consumer portrait
    • encompasses idiosyncrasies
    • demographics + psychographics + real world understanding
    • wide ranging implication
    • precedents include hippies, soccer moms, metrosexual, enjoli woman
  • Karma Queens – middle age, luxury oriented, large family and friend circle, not averse to pampering, concerned about the environment, feels sexy vital young and doesn’t apologize for it, concerned with health and wellness, driving natural and organic movement
  • Parentocrat – push to succeed and protect, act out of love and concern, play the numbers game as everyday markers of success, fear of physical harm, fear of outside influences, supplemental education, educational products, lots of home schooling, helicopter parents, track kids whereabouts with gps, organic food; appeal to parental pride, stress safety but don’t provoke fear
  • Denim Dads – involved at all levels, openly emotional, careers comes after family, delaying marriage and fatherhood because it is a calculated decision, remain youthful, share life with kids as peer to peer not parent to child, primary caregivers, flex time at work, paternity leave is important, shrinking generation gap,  share music within entire family, cosby show, family ties, leave it to beaver
  • Ms Independent – reject labels, make their own rules, young and single, sex without romance, objectification of the body, buys a condo when they want, live alone, no kids by choice, kids later in life, educated, own their own business, domestic by choice not by need, aesthetics matter, they don’t want to be one of the guys but they don’t want products created just for women
  • Culture Crossers – young people, engaged in cultures outside the US, crosses all race and class boundaries  internet allows them to be global citizens, friends all over the world, lets you experience parties all around the world (not child friendly), embrace change, share music across cultures, hip culture and fashion, exotic beverage choices, can never be too avant garde, want to be the first to do something, don’t have deep pockets but they will spend on brands they care about
  • Geek Gods – younger, love technology, teacher motivator trendsetter and sage, kind loyal and helpful, popular with friends and family, always there for you, geeky in a sexy way like the big bang theory, often male, websites like engadget, gizmodo, 4chan, reddit, desire for nostalgia, vinyl records, instagram feel, help adults use their technology, open source programming, can’t give them enough information

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