Advanced Qual Approaches by @ShailiBhatt and Emily Fitz-Gerald #QRCA #MRX

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Welcome to this series of live blogs from the QRCA conference in Montreal. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.

Unleashing the Power of Advanced Online Qualitative Approaches
Presenters: Shaili Bhatt, Emily Fitz-Gerald

  • Qual is all about finding the story.
  • 15 case studies!
  • Mobile Journalling – to understand life balance, core values, and interest
  • Co-creation – Moms did the written part, then co-creation with the kids, mom/kid partnership made it a family experience
  • Run a male track, a female track, and then let the men peek at the women’s track and vice versa
  • Try a welcome video at the beginning of each project so people know there are real people behind the software preparing the questions and listening to the opinions
  • Try before and after collages
  • If you’re asking them to search for images on Google, consider using the advanced search function that lets you specify the images need to be family safe and freely available
  • Have responders do the weekly summary for you. Upload your favourite picture again.
  • Have people do a training video because the first videos are always lower quality
  • Make sure the first ask is simple so that drop-outs are low
  • Mobile diary plus GPS good for seeing how people travel from bar to bar, how they chose those locations, why they chose those beverages [I’m assuming they took taxis 🙂 ]
  • Let community panel responders do their own blogging in the community, use sweepstakes, send newsletters
  • Write a help-wanted ad for a product that doesn’t exist
  • Let people create their own discussions. Sometimes people will ask something that you forgot to ask yourself. Consider don’t even participating in those discussions. Let people do their own thing.
  • Ask outright what questions they want to ask. “What did we not ask you that you want to tell us?”
  • Engage right from day 1, as soon as they are recruited. Welcome videos, setting expectation, create teams names, have a quote of the day, do photo safaris, recipe sharing contests, fun irrelevant questions, open forum
  • Fun activities like seat these brands around the table like people, which brand sits next to which brand
  • Share superstars and quotes with the clients every day, every week; provide video highlight reels
  • Watchouts – Don’t ask people to do something “right now” including doing homework, Keep workload reasonable and spread out, avoid video overload – not a half hour every day, dont expect people to engage over weekends and holidays, give everyone an individual greeting, be prepared to up the incentives or re-recruit, plan for technology failures so download your data regularly, don’t overwhelm email accounts with probes.
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