Annual Meeting and Town Hall #QRCA #MRX

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Welcome to this series of live blogs from the QRCA conference in Montreal. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.

Annual Meeting & Town Hall
Members, come meet your QRCA Board and staff, learn about past year activities and accomplishments, and ask questions/provide feedback for the coming year

  • 3 goals of organization
    • sustainability – retention, growth, making valuable resources available
    • value for investment in time – educational discounts, more member resources online
    • shortlist on must attend, must contact organization by all, including the press
  • The Qually Award this year went to Layla Shea, new member of QRCA since last year
  • GRIT index puts QRCA in high influence and high reach quadrant
  • QRCA gets rewards if you purchase Amazon items through the QRCA website. It’s an easy way to help support the QRCA.
  • SIG = special interest group [I’ve been wondering what that meant!  🙂 ]
  • The treasurer presented some of the membership numbers and dues but apologized because he has to talk about numbers 🙂
  • There are now 18 chapters with the addition of the Texas chapter
  • Qual is growing, at least in North America because there are more tools in the toolbox. Clients are demanding more qual. If you aren’t using qual, you are prehistoric in your thinking. Clients don’t dictate which qual method, just provide some qual voice of the consumer.
  • Have you spoken at a college? To marketing or research students? Share your presentation so it’s not being created from scratch by everyone. Need to grow the youth membership.
  • Unilever rolled out an accreditation program because they thought they weren’t getting good representation – quality changed a lot from study to study. Requires several hours of practicum, writing a discussion guide, being evaluated by judges. Can’t imagine any of us who is experienced wouldn’t pass it.
  • How do we capture intellectual property and carry it forward when the more experience people retire and move on?
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