Research Transformation: Ian Lewis @Cambiar #AMAresearch #MRX

Welcome to this series of live blogs from the American Marketing Association’s Research & Strategy Summit in Las Vegas. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.

AMA market research event

Ian Lewis, Director, Research Impact Consulting, Cambiar LLC

  • Fewer than 4 in 10 client researchers said they are thought partners
  • Why isn’t everyone buying into short presentations? This is what CEOs want
  • Why don’t clients want closer partnerships with agencies” Agenciees want it, clients less so
  • Agencies
    • Agencies – I never know the whole picture. How can I deliver insights that have business impact?
    • Corporate researcher – I get 80 page PPTs when I want insights that solve problems. Why should I invite you in?
  • Management
    • Corporate researchers – You bring me in too late. I need a seat at the table to be more effective.
    • Top management – I get data dumps when I want insights that solve problems. Why should I invite you in?
  • Clients are much more into integrating innovative research tools than agencies, e.g., MROCs, emotion measurement, new qual.
  • Client adoption is slower for neuroscience and biometrics, but it’s still more than among agencies
  • Data synthesis focuses on traditional sources like surveys, quant, qual.
  • Big data is a potential tsunami that will wash over everything.
  • Who do you believe more? 1000 people who answered a boring 20  minute survey, or millions of records of live actual web behaviour?
  • Talent types
    • management consultants – more toward strategic, future leaders of consumer insights functions
    • polymaths – client researchers and full service research partners. good at many different things.
    • specialists – insurgent research and technology companies
  • 2012 training to focus on power skills – innovative research methods, insights, storytelling, leadership, consulting, synthesis, influencing, integrating, advanced analytics
  • What should corporate researcher leaders do? Become thought partners. Leverage the expanding toolkit.
  • What should agencies do? Reassess participation strategy, where to compete. And operating strategy, how to compete. And talent. Are you a deep insight partnership? Are you a specialist company? Are you a data provider?
  • What does the MR profession need? Must define, attract, educate, and hire the right talent.

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