DIY Enterprise Research: Smith and Gagnon #AMAresearch #MRX

Welcome to this series of live blogs from the American Marketing Association’s Research & Strategy Summit in Las Vegas. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.

AMA market research event

Ryan Smith and Nicole Gagnon

  • We aren’t innovative yet. We’ve just moved the paper online and improved the process a little bit. We haven’t really changed the way we do research yet.
  • Challenges are based around acquisition strategy as opposed to a natural growth strategy.
  • They brought the brand/product/customer studies in house because they know that type of research best. External partners help with usability, beta testing, loyalty, qual, analysis and reporting
  • Problem is shifting from product centric to customer centric.
  • The collected a group of non-researchers from their company to conduct research. The research department wasn’t happy about it. These people then bought into the data and felt ownership of it and following through on it. One team had 34 product ideas out of it.
  • Every customer has a megaphone now. It is scary. You must be plugged in or it is too late.
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