Digital Music Consumers: Stephanie Fried @Vevo #AMAresearch #MRX

Welcome to this series of live blogs from the American Marketing Association’s Research & Strategy Summit in Las Vegas. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.

AMA market research event

Stephanie Fried, Vice President, Research Insights and Analytics,VEVO

  • Vevo is a music platform with original content, interviews, sports, travel, music. You often don’t realize you’re watching videos through Vevo.
  • n=2900, age 13 to 43, P3M viewed a music video online, or streamed, or followed an artist online. 53% of US fell into this definition. Of these, 80% view videos online.  Online study, rep of online US population.
  • Top 4 segments of music consumers [I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a segmentation presentation where we actually got to see what the segments are.]
  1. Savvy socializers. 22% of music consumers. very engaged, spend money on brands and devices. Vevo enthusiasts, use multiple sites, access everywhere all the time. Heavy TV viewers, play instruments, lots of time online, frequently on social networks. Very tech savvy.
  2. Ecelectic downloaders: 20%. younger. like to download and own. like all different kinds of music. Watch videos with friends. More likely to be students, single. Like to create art, exercise, rate products online. Collection has to be digital.
  3. On the go influencers: 18%. Young, ethnically diverse. Music is an escape. Like to understand music, understand the stories behind the music. Lower income but will spend money on tech devices.
  4. Classic collectors: 12%. This segment will grow. Longer term opportunity. Older, caucasion, higher income. Digitizing their albums but keeping the physical album. Like classic rock, watch older videos.
  5. Casual loners:  [oops! got distracted here!]
  6. Unconnected country:16%. older, female, family focused, suburban. Like country music. Music isn’t part of their every day like.
  • Product team uses this to help make product decisions. e.g., a new lyrics offering. Start with savvy socializers who are interested in the lyrics. Tailored to the right audience.
  • Classic collectors are into concerts.
  • Cross promote artists based on segment preferences. Artist overlap, genre overlap.
  • Informs marketing – where how are they consuming. what type of messaging.
  • 13 to 18 is  a big mobile segment. Younger is more eclectic and on the go. There were no real “teen” segments.
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