I hate social media research because: It doesn’t do laundry #10 #MRX

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I recently wrote a blog post citing ten of the biggest complaints about social media research. Today I address complaint #10, the last one.

Social media research doesn’t do laundry.

I really hate to disappoint you but not only does social media research not do laundry, it also doesn’t cook, clean the bathroom, dress the kids, make lunches or vacuum the house. Sigh.

But there are other things social media research doesn’t do. It can’t measure awareness. It can’t be used for In Home Usage Testing.  It can’t measure brands that people know but never talk about. It can’t give you census rep results. It can’t ensure that all responses come from a specific country.

Essentially, social media research is not the ultimate, most fabulous, all encompassing research tool that ever existed on the face of the earth. It’s taking a while, but people are gradually realizing this. No, social media research can’t do everything. It isn’t designed to do everything. It was never intended to do everything. And yet, for some strange reason, some people are shocked when they find out it can’t do everything.

Fortunately, researchers  have this extraordinary thing available to them. It’s called the market research toolbox and it is overflowing with coolness. It contains surveys and focus groups and bulletin boards and facial tracking and mobile and neuroscience and, oh yes, it also contains a handy dandy little tool called social media research. None of the tools in that toolbox can do the laundry or the dishes or clean the toilet, but every tool has its own unfortunate disadvantages and its darn cool advantages.

So no, SMR can’t do everything. Why did you think it did?

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