The Bakery Review: Brick Street Bakery

A freshly baked Eccles cake, taken in Bettys café.brick

Oh, what a gem!

This week, I chanced across the Brick Street Bakery in the Distillery District in Toronto. It had just about everything I like in a bakery. It was nestled in a century old building. It was packed with people, a clear sign that something good was going on. It smelled divine. It had TONS of options from gigantic scones to macarons to cookies.

And, lo and behold, they had eccles cakes! These are a very rare treat and I’m sure many folks have never even heard of them. Since I’m a huge fan of eccles cakes and I am constantly on the lookout for them, I had no choice but to buy one even though my backpack contained all the ingredients for a picnic for two. I can honestly say I have never had a better eccles cake. It was absolutely stuffed with the currents filling and instead of being filled with current mush, you could actually pick out every single whole current. It had lots of great big sugar sprinkled all over the top, the pastry was crispy and flaky, and the price was completely acceptable. If you’ve never had one before, this is the place to try one for the first time.

I almost wish I wasn’t on my way to a picnic because I would have bought some of those 4 inch tall scones too!

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  1. I love eccles cakes too! And know what a rare find they are in Toronto. I think the ones at Brick Street are among the best in the city. I still dream about the one I had in a little town called Tavistock, in the south west of England, that was still warm from the oven!

    1. oh yum! I haven’t yet had one straight out of the oven. 🙂

  2. Well I never knew that Eccles Cakes had made it so far around the world! Those eccles cakes do look very authentic and very good.
    (I live in Manchester and about 3 miles from Eccles, not surprisingly the birthplace of the Eccles cake)

    1. You are so very lucky! 🙂

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