I love social media research because: It informs more traditional methods of research #10 #MRX

social media research loveI recently wrote a blog post citing ten of the things I love about social media research. Today I address love #10.

Social media research informs more traditional methods of research.

We all know that social media research is not the saviour of market research. There are lots of things it can’t do. But there are some really great things that it can do and one of them is to improve our existing research.

If you think about the traditional survey, you often get only one chance to write a question properly. We are desperately strapped for time and we often don’t have the time to pre-test. Well, social media research is a great way to make sure you’ve included the right answer options to your questions. If you want to determine the percentage of people who shop at your brand’s top five competitors, social media will tell you who those top five competitors are.

Have you ever wondered if you’ve included all the important topics on your survey? Social media research can do that it. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of records, you can identify all the key topics and rank order them by conversation volume and sentiment. With that in mind, you can take the information over to a survey and generate census representative measurements for the most important topics.

Have you ever wondered when was the right time to launch your survey? By measuring social media data, you can determine the right day to begin. You can make sure that sufficient numbers of people have heard about and know of your brand before sending survey invitations to you valuable responders.

And those are just 3 of your many options. Yup, social media research may not be our saviour but it sure is great!

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  1. I completely agree! I entered the research industry as a student of traditional MR methodologies – focus groups and ethnography and surveys. But based on my client’s needs, the scope of my job has really expanded and now I rarely do a project where social media research (either qualitative or quantitative) isn’t included in some way. I am actually finishing up a whitepaper on the subject right now – I would love to send you a copy once its finished. It really builds upon what you wrote here and gives some real life examples of work that I have done melding the two disciplines together.
    Thanks again for the read – very on point!
    Kara Clark

    1. I’d be happy to read your work 🙂

  2. carrotrecruitment

    I think this is absolutely right, social media creates a huge potential pool of information for researchers. We have looked into a similar subject recently, our blog is here. 🙂 Thanks for the read, enjoyed this blog piece very much. http://www.carrotintelligence.co.uk/blog/market-research-goes-social

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