I love social media research because: It gives you data on thousands of variables #4 #MRX

Kraft dinner

I recently wrote a blog post citing ten of the things I love about social media research. Today I address love #4.

Social media research lets you track data on thousands of variables.

If you’re doing survey research properly, and focusing first and foremost on data quality, you are doing your absolute best to keep your surveys at 20 minutes or less. The problem with appropriate length surveys is that you are forced to decide which questions must be cut. Since surveys are ideal for gathering data on census rep quantitative style questions, it means that the fun and interesting questions must be dropped. The psychographic and lifestyle questions have to go.

The great thing about social media research is that all of the variables that had to be dropped from your survey are likely still available in social media. In fact, thousands of additional variables are just waiting in social media to be analyzed. Sure, you can learn what Kraft Dinner eaters put in their Kraft Dinner, whether it’s hot dogs or ketchup. Even better, you can learn what cars they drive, what banks they prefer, the kind of house they like, their favourite TV show, what sports they play, what music they like, and so much more.  Instead of a Usage and Attitudes survey of 20 minutes, social media research is a Usage and Attitudes survey of 10 hours. Yum.

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