Yay me! David K. Hardin Memorial Award Winner #MRX

When David Hardin died in 1994 after a courageous battle with cancer, his friends, colleagues and family created an endowment in his name through the AMAF to honor his many contributions to the field of marketing.  This award recognizes the best article or paper, based on innovativeness of the research, its usefulness and applicability for other researchers, and the potential societal or economic benefits or implications of the research, published in Marketing Research in a given year.

This year, I am the recipient of the David K. Hardin Memorial Award for my article entitled “The Promises and Pitfalls of SMR“, published 9/6/2011.

Abstract: Social media research holds a great deal of promise for those who can tap into its tremendous potential. As this article points out, it is likely to succeed in areas such as tracking research, campaign research, usage and attitude research, and segmentation research. Like any new methodology, however, SMR it has its share of perils and disappointments. Despite some unresolved issues with data reliability and quality, the science of SMR seems destined to prevail. 

This is one time where I have to admit, I’m truly honoured. .

I’d like to start by thanking my mom and my dad for making this possible. 🙂

But I really need to give credit to the wonderful behind the scenes team at Conversition, the folks who have no public persona, and without whom I’d having nothing to write about. Our fabulous programmers are top notch in quality and creativity, always building more and better than we ask for. Our data analysts are smart, quick, thorough and as the days go by, they are starting to teach me more than I have taught them. Thank you team for creating great data that lets me write great articles.

And thank you to the AMAF. You really like me!

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