SPSS Releases A New Extraordinary Version #MRX

spss screen capspss screen capspss screen capspss screen capIt’s always a happy day when you get your hands on the newest version of software. Today, I get to show you some of the features that will be upcoming on the next version of SPSS. Hold on tight because us researchers are in for a real treat.

First of all is a new feature in the Edit section. Normally, we find ourselves going through an entire set of data, an entire analysis of the data, only to realize we discovered absolutely no insights. Have no fear. Just choose the “Insert Insights” button before you start your analysis and you’ll be sure to discover a variety of valuable insights throughout your analysis.

Second, though a lot of research projects are very interesting to the client and the brand manager, they’re often not very interesting to the researcher. Sure, I use toilet paper, but I just don’t find it to be an exciting category except when I unpleasantly discover we’re all out. Well, SPSS has solved that problem too. Just choose the “Recode Into Interesting” button under Transform, and the data will now be fun and interesting to analyze. I do not believe, however, that it will restock the toilet paper.

Third, we know that a picture is worth a thousand words. We also know how much effort and design skill is required to turn pages and pages of numbers into interesting and meaningful images. Thanks to SPSS, now all you have to do is choose the “Cool Infographic” button under Analyze/Descriptives and all that hard work is done for you.

Fourth, finally, and probably the best feature of all. We all know the disappointment of conducting an entire research project only to find that the most important research result was only significant at p=0.06. Alas, never worry about this terrible problem again. Just choose the “Make Significant” button and the result will become significant to the next closest break point, whether that means 0.05, 0.01, or 0.001.

Thank you SPSS for letting me review your next release. I can’t wait until everyone gets to use it!

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  1. Stumbled upon this site looking whether to upgrade SPSS now or later… 2 questions: 1) SPSS Version #MRX– is that a real version or just a placeholder? I know they are currently on version 21. 2) Do you know roughly when this will be coming out or is this out already? Like your quick polls!

    1. Hi there, This was completely a joke post. 🙂 I don’t know when the next version will be released.

  2. Cool infographics? I’m so buying this, 🙂
    SPSS is pretty interesting to use, too. 🙂

    1. I’m a big fan of SPSS for the clean and simple things. Especially with the “make inforgraphic” button. 🙂

    2. I used it for a big project earlier in the year, I have to admit, it is incredible beneficial for statistical purposes.
      Looking forward to getting my mittens on this update, 🙂

    3. Well you are very lucky! 🙂

  3. I am really hoping there is a “shouldn’t be missing” data option that will impute the respondent’s correct answer! That feature is long overdue!

    1. Definitely. “Insert valid data” is probably on the next release.

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