6 Secrets for Increasing Your Klout Score

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Klout is everything. If you have sufficient Klout, some companies will even give you free perks as these people will tell you.

So how can you increase your Klout score to benefit from these freebies? It’s pretty easy. All you need to do is follow these 6 secrets and you’ll be on your way towards those fabulous freebies.

  1. Use the social networks that you enjoy using. Just because Klout scores are based on Facebook and Twitter behaviours (among others), don’t let that be the determinant of which social networks you use. If you don’t like Twitter, then don’t use Twitter. If you aren’t using a social network that you like, you won’t be able to follow the next few secrets which means your Klout score won’t increase.
  2. Be genuine. Any message you write ought to be truthful and real. Within the boundaries of what you are willing to share online, make sure that everything reflects the real you. Don’t make up alter-egos that you feel will have greater appeal. People recognize and respond to real. That’s why they will want to have a conversation with you. That will increase your Klout score.
  3. Don’t criticize. Listen to your mom and your kindergarten teacher. Sure, it’s really easy to criticize people but if you don’t have something nice to say about someone, then don’t say anything at all. That doesn’t mean you can’t argue a point that you feel strongly about. It just means argue well and kindly. You make more friends with honey. And that increases your Klout.
  4. Get rid of your ego. If you only write messages about yourself, your company, and the amazing products you have available for sale, you’ll be able to keep track of your follower count on one hand.  People don’t want to be sold stuff.  So stop talking about yourself and think about other people for a change.
  5. Sharing means caring. People want to learn stuff. They want to laugh and learn and like. So share funny stories, educational material, webinar information, and white paper information about your industry. Share content that OTHER people have created. You know how much you like it when people share your content? Return the favour.
  6. Quantity is not quality. Tweeting more, facebooking more, and messaging more are NOT ways to increase your Klout score. A focus on quantity over quality means your focus is repetitive, boring, and useless character strings. And people don’t like that.

I know what you’re thinking. Hey Annie, those aren’t secrets at all, this is just common sense stuff. I thought you were going to share secrets? And my response to that is yes indeed, this is all common sense. But are you following it? Because if you are, your Klout will increase.

But if you don’t feel like practicing these secrets and you just want a big score, then head on over to flout.com where you can decide for yourself what your score should be.


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  1. “This is all common sense stuff.” True, but we’re not exactly living in an era of common sense, are we?

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