I love social media research because: You can track results daily #3 #MRX


I recently wrote a blog post citing ten of the things I love about social media research. Today I address love #3.

Social media research lets you track data on a daily basis.

Tracking results on a daily basis isn’t really a big deal. Let’s face it. It’s easy as pie to to launch an online survey to a thousand people every single day, and then hope you get enough responses every single day, in order to complete your data analysis every single day. You see, while it is indeed POSSIBLE, it’s just not convenient and the cost can be ridiculously prohibitive. For these reasons, online tracking survey research is often conducted on a weekly or monthly basis.

When it comes to social media research however, as long as you are researching a brand (or person or category or topic) that generates sufficient data every day, you can very easily collect, clean, score, and code data every day. Most automated systems automatically gather and process data within 24 hours which means if you just launched a TV commercial or a marketing campaign, you can measure consumer response to it as it launches, as it fails, as it succeeds, and make appropriate tweaks along the way.

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