Let’s co-create diapers and research standards #MRMW #MRX

Welcome to this series of live blogs from the Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Cincinnati. With so many sessions, I’m only blogging about a few sessions each day. All posts appear within minutes after the speaker has finished. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.  I’ll also be providing end of day summary blog posts for Esomar so keep your eyes peeled for those as well.

Steve August, Revelation; Andrew Sauer, P&G: Small leaps, Big purchase moments – Using digital qual to understand key moments in product transitions

  • Some products have predictable transitions, cars need oil every few thousand miles, it’s an opportunity to revisit a decsion
  • Transitions don’t happen, they unfold over time
  • Traditional qual is 99% researcher free. Now we CAN be there
  • Think about diapers, changing sizes numerous times, it’s an opportunity to change brands. How do you target that sample?
  • Did 3 months observational research but didn’t say it had anything to do with diapers. Researchers only mentioned diapers when the moms talked about it first.
  • Moms shows pictures of old diaper vs new diaper – they wanted half sizes. People were switching brands because different brands fit better at different times

Panel of MRIA, MMRA, AMA, QRCA, MSPA, MRA, ESOMAR, ARF: Role of Trade Orgs during disruptive industry change

  • MR industry is growing but the number of people claiming to be MR is decreasing
  • Organizations are shifting from who to what is the content
  • Charge is making sure membership is up to date on what is going on
  • Help industry to be successful, enhance the reputation, back us when it comes to legislation.
  • Organizations help to create standards and ethics
  • Some include members beyond the MR industry e.g., technology providers
  • Self regulation is the answer – here are questions for you to ask your suppliers, don’t have to be prescriptive
  • We can be seen as a public good if we do a good job
  • Now the lines of marketing and marketing research are blurring – how does industry handle this
  • We offer people the opportunity to share their opinions and know they will be used carefully and privately
  • Regulations and standards and best practices are all different
  • Who will set standards, what needs standards but you ALWAYS need best practices. This is where trade associations play
  • Are these organizations relevant to clients? For OLG, it’s a big deal because the nature of their business is they are always on a fine line.
  • Industry orgs help us when congress/legislation acts in haste
  • [This panel was far too short for me]
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