100 years of the internet and no more underwear #MRMW #MRX

Welcome to this series of live blogs from the Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Cincinnati. With so many sessions, I’m only blogging about a few sessions each day. All posts appear within minutes after the speaker has finished. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.  I’ll also be providing end of day summary blog posts for Esomar so keep your eyes peeled for those as well.

Jason Anderson, Blizzard Entertainment: A Technologist’s Research Manifesto

  • The telegraph was the first global information sharing device – the first internet!. It was a step order increase in the velocity of information
  • Then the telephone, radio, television, 1 step per 30 years or so. At that time, over your lifetime, you’d see just one of these emerge. Now, calculator, processors, databases, PCs all in 20 years. Then http, search, and mobile. Then Social, Social+Mobile, realtime.
  • Winners – Amazon, Netflix, Cisco, Apple, piracy, mobile phones, Google
  • Losers – Borders, Blockbuster, Nortel, SGI, Tower Records, Kodak, phone books
  • Everything can be quantified [i completely agree with that, even the most abstract things]
  • Prepare for the next wave by hiring engineers and statisticians, not MBAs
  • Mobile brings scale that isn’t available elsewhere

Hany Mwafy, Perry Bahgat, iQual: Harnessing the Power of the Arab Spring in the Middle East

  • 89% own mobile, 47% use mobile internet. 40% live under the poverty line.
  • Social media shapes how we view and react to things
  • Social media is not information overflow, it’s filter failure
  • What the eyes see and the ears hear is what the mind believes
  • From bloomers to boxers to undies to thongs to who needs underwear at all  – everything is open and public, the naked truth

Simon Chen, Ramius; Sylvie Catherine Croteau, Ad Hoc Research: Modern Social Online Qualitative Research

  • Focus groups + MROCs to learn about grocery store usage in areas where there was a walmart supercenter
  • “I save a lot of time because it’s close to my home” with a picture of clocks – type of answer with strict direction
  • Paragraph of reasons and an octopus with every hand busy – type of answer with loose direction
  • Less direction in the types of answers and photos required often generates more personal and emotional content
  • Letting consumers create discussion topics created lots of questions and lots of discussions
  • Consumers even filmed themselves talking to store employees
  • Keep activities short, provide feedback to participants, build in visible activity based compensation

Leslie Townsend Kinesis: The Mobile Impact on Market Research Panels

  • Double-opt in impact of mobile research – you need to do device detection
  • 66% of us sleep with our phones by the bed – we HAVE been woken up in the middle of the night by survey invitations and marketing campaigns
  • Authentication process doesn’t work in mobile environment
  • Will need to revise profiling process, need to allow profiling to happen later
  • Mobile joiners are higher churners, a lot depends on the recruitment source
  • Need dual mode password retrieval, display of projects, display of incentives, mini-polls, social media features
  • “refer a friend” can be “text to friend”
  • Don’t force people to switch devices to get their incentive or perform a second task
  • Apps are limited to smartphone users but app updates require user initiatived updates and they may not do it, too many apps competing for too little time
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