Mobile Perspectives: Africa, Privacy, ROI, and Beyond #MRMW #MRX

Welcome to this series of live blogs from the Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Cincinnati. With so many sessions, I’m only blogging about a few sessions each day. All posts appear within minutes after the speaker has finished. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.  I’ll also be providing end of day summary blog posts for Esomar so keep your eyes peeled for those as well.

Nathan Eagle – Jana: Reaching the Next Billion through Mobile

  • Average revenue from mobile subscribers is going down – Because they are now in the hands of poorer and poorer people
  • Why don’t we NOT take money away from the poor people but take it from organizations instead – THEY pay for the poor people. This suddenly gives access to 2 billion people.
  • Giving people 50 cents in cash or 50 cents in air time is viewed as identical
  •  Global economic center of gravity is going 9000 kilometers eastward so they focus only on emerging markets
  • Driving a Land Rover over thousands of miles to ask a woman about laundry detergent is not efficient [imagine doing that1]
  • Surveys may be longer and more structured but SMS and UCMP gives you 5 billion people

Rolfe Swinton – Reality Mine: New Vision for Consumer Privacy in the Era of Big Data

  • Google Project Glass – like internet in your eyeball [Damn! I need that!]
  • Amazon and Google are already monitoring your every move as you scan everything, prices products places, with your phone
  • Now – do we really know who consumed what media, what about away from home, what research do they do before they arrive at the store. So much is truly hidden from automated data gathering
  • Put together CRM, POS, Inventory, Active research, and so much more
  • “Personal data is the new oil”
  • How can you be compliant global when every country has different rules and regulations
  • If you aren’ t paying for something, you are the product being sold
  • One solution includes providing rewards to consumers [incentives/bribes]

Don Sexton – Columbia University: Marketing ROI in the Era of Big Data

  • 91% of marketers believe you need customer data to drive marketing [ummm what are the other 9% doing???]
  • 39% say they collect data too infrequently, 9% have too little data, 36% have too much data
  • 70% think they should measure their ROI
  • 22% only use brand awareness to make marketing decisions [Scary! it’s a lagging measure and it isn’t dollars!]
  • 55% of organizations are happy with their ability to measure ROI
  • Most use historical spending limits to set their budget
  • How do you measure ROI? “Make the boss happy” [unfortunately, they are being HONEST]
  • Outcome: Set objectives first. Design metrics linked to those objective . Gather the right data. [oh my goodness, we have to tell people this?]
  • Sketch by @BettyAdamou

Gayle Lloyd – Hillenbrand: Market Research The Next Frontier

  • Who cares if it’s big data or small data if you don’t know how to USE your data [love love love!]
  • We’re peeping toms now, right in the mind of the consumer in real time
  • Old tools, new tools, tons of tech: Why did 37% of executives say their MR dept is a thought leader? Where are the rest uh yu?
  • The chart is the holy grail. We gotta have our regressions and t-tests and error rates. But does this tell us anything we want to know. [ok, i’m gonna be laughing my guts out by the end of this]
  • New fronteir is succinct pointed succulent pieces of information and patterns
  • Looking outside the box – look at cars to design caskets – look at the design of the car, at the fabric in the car [oh dear, the chuckles go on and on]
  • What is the overriding issue that drives the core questions leading to business value [do you realize that much of our research does NOT follow this logic?]
  • Researchers need to be students of human behaviour, we must be well read beyond business books
  • Forget the tool, forget the data – weave studies together, connect the dots, combine disparate data, find the harmony and tell the story
  • I’m not swimming in the ocean to find bits of data that I don’t know how to put together. Insist on an objective.
  • Sketch by @BettyAdamou

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