Google surveys, and oh, some other people too #MRMW #MRX

Welcome to this series of live blogs from the Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Cincinnati. With so many sessions, I’m only blogging about a few sessions each day. All posts appear within minutes after the speaker has finished. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.  I’ll also be providing end of day summary blog posts for Esomar so keep your eyes peeled for those as well.

Thaddeus Fulford-Jones, Locately; Understanding the TRUE shopper journey

  • Mobile data is real behaviour not claimed behaviour
  • Retailer had a problem doing in store shopper intercepts
  • GPS helped them discover how shopping choices worked
  • Watch on a google map as a shopper drives from walmart to target. See the roads they choose, the turns they make.
  • Walk out empty-handed due to browse in store, spend online? simply browsing? Out of stock?

Zoe Dowling, Aliza Pollack, Added Value: How we got over the incredibly inspiring awesomeness of mobile qual and learned to develop some killer new insights approaches

  • [great title :)]
  • We can’t be with consumers are the time. Asking people about an experience changes the experience.
  • What about text notes, voice, video, gps, push notifications, barcode scans, checkins, photos
  • Is mobile the holy grail? No 😦  It’s just a tool.
  • Consumer may show a photo of his cologne or his ties but a video captures the photo of tupac in the background
  • Do pre post and during work [and if you forgot to do pre, then you’ve got social media research for that]
  • it’s a tool to capture the right data
  • “This isn’t cheap” [why is anyone interested in cheap research? how do you use crap data?]

Paul McDonald Google Surveys: Y U No Like Me?

  • [Paul’s been given permission to demo his product. I like being told that ahead of time.]
  • Memes all have a little nugget of truth in them
  • response rate with 1 question 35%
  • 2 answer options 20% response rate, 3 answer options 30% response rate, not linear at all
  • Google survey puts a survey right in the middle of an article, even two questions together, and the question just disappears when you’re done
  • Nice demographic sliders on the questions, just move the slider closer to male and you get more weighting on males
  • Release to production 8 times per day, i.e., new code is uploaded regularly throughout the day. Often it is client bugs or trying something new. Less than a day from hearing about it to implementing it.
  • More smartphones than PCs shipped in 2011
  • in 2012, 400 million new android phones activated – 1 million per day
  • Why answer a survey on a phone? To get an app for free. [i’m the outlier here. that’s no incentive for me]
  • Mobile phones let you know location, apps they use, transactions, music they own, books they read, websites they visit, date, time [doesn’t this scare you? scares me]
  • Voice recognition and speech to text might make openends a lot more rich
  • Market research was not the original goal. This was a way to get people to access content. Small and medium businesses are the main users. “The power of sample”
  • People who didn’t have access to research before now have some access
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