What Market Research in the Mobile World means to me #MRX #MRMW

When I first heard of the MRMW conference, which is organized by The Merlien Institute, I thought it had little relevance to me. I do very little mobile research myself, I wouldn’t dare answer a survey on my mobile phone, and I’m so whole heartedly into survey data quality and social media research right now that I have little time to entertain other methods in great detail. Essentially, I don’t do mobile research so an organization focusing on mobile research is not a top priority for me right now.

But I started to think about the name in a different way. Does the organization focus on mobile research or does it really focus on the mobile world? If it really means the mobile world, than this organization of of massive relevance to everyone in market research regardless of your favoured methodology. Indeed, it’s especially relevant to me and my friends at Conversition. I tweet from my phone constantly. I check facebook on my phone all the time. My friends and colleagues around the world use their mobile phones to create data in the social media space, my space, my research space.

So if MRMW means data that is created using mobile methods, your phone, your ipad, your laptop, any piece of technology that you cart along with you as you make your way through life, then I’d have to say MRMW is highly relevant to you. In fact, I’m sitting in an airport right now on my way to…. you guessed it… the MRMW conference in cincinnati.

Who woulda thunk.

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