That’s Me, The New Editor-In-Chief of MRIA’s Vue Magazine #MRX

Vue MRIA annie pettit lovestatsI don’t know who spilled the beans (probably me) but the news is out. The kind folks at the MRIA asked me if I would like to be the next Editor-In-Chief of the Vue magazine and I just couldn’t resist. Besides, what else do I have to do after my work day as the CRO of Conversition and the VP Research Standards at Research Now!

Over the last ten or so years, I’ve contributed articles to the magazine on numerous occasions, articles ranging from survey data quality to social media research methods, and privacy. And, not too long ago, I was even on the cover of Vue. It only seems right that I give back to the Vue.

Until October, David Hamburg, the current Editor will be mentoring me in hopes that I can do just as good a job as he has done. After that, it will be up to Anne Marie Gabriel, Christian Mueller, Stephen Popiel and myself to pull it all off. I’m told it’s a fabulous team so I can’t wait to get things started.

I’m not sure yet what I plan to bring to the table but I know for sure it’s going to involve finding out what YOU want from the magazine. So, if you have any thoughts about topics you’d like to see covered, or if you’re a budding author and just need someone to give you a chance, now’s your chance. Feel free to get in touch with me or anyone on the team at any time.

We’re here to make sure you love the Vue.

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