The Life of a Research Rockstar in Venezuela #avai #esomar #mrx

At the gracious invitation of Esomar and AVAI (Asociacion Venezolana de Agencies de Investigacion), I presented a social media research case study at a conference in Caracas, Venezuela. It was a quick visit with only three full days on the ground, but I suspect I have never accomplished so many things in such a short time.

In this short visit, Betty Adamou (@BettyAdamou, Founder and CEO of Research Through Gaming) and I were whisked by our host/ bodyguard/manager/ chauffer/beloved Hicha from one event to another. She had our days planned down to the minute with no wasted time. All we had to do was be ready at the appointed time and place. We, of course, started by spending a bit of time at the Club Camuri beach to admire the glittering sand, the charging iguanas, the sand dollars sprinkled about our feet in the ocean, and an abundance of unique plant life, the likes of which I have never seen before. Now that I think about it, I suspect that this down time was to make sure we were rested enough for what was yet to come.

To get the excitement started, we were interviewed by Floralicia Zola at the 0080Flor radio station. We met our very kind translaters first and then met Floralicia in the sound booth. After a couple of short commercial breaks, which in itself was fun to listen to, we were asked to explain just enough of our research to entice people to come to the conference. You can find a video of the interview here. The next excitement took place during my presentation when I noticed a gentleman with quite a large camera roaming the room. He filmed me speaking and then simply hopped up on the stage with me and continued filming the audience. I should have apologized to him for getting in his way while I presented my case study. Ah, the pains one must endure as a rockstar!

Afterwards, I was pulled aside by a newspaper reporter who had trouble interviewing me as so many interested people were asking questions and thanking me for sharing the work we do at Conversition. To answer my friend, yes I did a radio interview, a newspaper interview, and a television spot but there was no smoke signal interview.

Among all of that, there were formal dinners with our Esomar and AVAI hosts, and an evening reception with more Esomar and AVAI researchers. And the whole time, as I gave copies of The Listen Lady to people as small thank yous, I was pulled aside to sign books and chat about research problems.

And, if that wasn’t enough, in the spare minutes between appointments, the filler appointments included a visit to a small city where we saw a bit of real life. We visited a grocery store, a bakery, a chocolate store, and a shop with genuine Venezuelan goods. Not a second to spare anywhere, not a wasted minute anywhere.

It was surreal. I am not a rockstar but during those few days, no other word was more appropriate.

AVAI now has a Facebook page so be sure to like them. And, why not ask your Twitter followers to like the AVAI Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more Venezuela posts!
(Kathryn, I just had to borrow your moniker for this post!)

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  2. Annie, come back soon and you will be a rock star once again! it was great to have you here! Your presentation captivated the audience.

    1. Thank you so much Omar. I hope to see all my new friends again soon. 🙂

  3. You certainly were a Rockstar since you amazed both colleagues and audiences as well! Look forward to have you back soon! Very best!!

    Walter Mucchiut

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