Government Intelligence: Alex Marland #MRIA #MRX

mria 2012Welcome to this series of live blogs from the MRIA Sample the Edge conference in St. John’s Newfoundland. All posts appear within minutes after the speaker has finished. Any errors, omissions, or silly side comments are my own.


  • We’re starting with name/company roll call of everyone in the room
  • public opinion research is anything on the front page of the newspaper, not just what average joe thinks
  • Government decisions are not always based on research
  • We don’t know how much money the govt spends on opinion survey research
  • the govt cares about what makes the top news
  • Talk radio listenership differs massively by geography – newfoundland by far prefers talk radio; PEI couldn’t care less about talk radio
  • Quebec spends the most on media per capita because they need to create all their own french materials, Ontario the least. Saskatchewan is a weird outlier, but an outlier in the middle of the dataset (think about e.g., 0,0,0,0,0,5,12). Why is it an outlier?
  • 92% of PEI media monitoring is tourism, manitoba is 75%, nova scotia is 72%
  • Energy in alberta 35%, health in newfoundland 23%
  • They have public servants who do multiple jobs so it’s difficult to determine what portion of their job is on what task – and it is different in every province.
  • New Brunswick says they do “not conduct public opinion surveys”
  • Conclusions:  Whereever you are, you assume it is the norm. Richer provinces are more likely to do this work. Every department in NFLD monitors media.
  • MRIA should lobby govt to post their opinion research online
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