The Daily Listen Lady #MRX

Tell me now, are you a fast reader? When you pick up a book, can you bare to put it down? Do you normally buy a book and then zip through it in less than a day only wishing later that you’d savoured it over days or weeks? Well then, I’ve got a treat for you!

Starting Monday June 4, I will be sharing The Listen Lady, a novel about social media research, on The Listen Lady facebook page. What’s the catch? I will only share one sentence per day. That’s right! Every day at 1pm EST, watch for one sentence of the book to appear. Be sure to like the facebook page so you can read along.

And, it will be tweeted out on my Lovestats twitter account. You can follow along with the #DailyListenLady hashtag. The only problem with twitter is that any sentence longer than 140 characters will be tragically cut short. We all love Twitter but sometimes it’s not best place. So, hop on over to facebook to get the full scoop.

I hope you enjoy the format!

listen lady facebook page

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