Best of #Esomar Canada: Finn Raben Shouts Loud #MRX

esomar logoThis is one of several (almost) live blogs from the ESOMAR Best of Canada event on May 9, 2012. Any errors, omissions, and ridiculous side comments are my own.


  • The Best Of concept was envisioned several years ago but only really started last year. They ran 65 last year and plan on 74 this year. The number of attendees exceeded expectations every time.
  • This year marks the first congress in the US (I can’t wait! I’ll be presenting some cool stuff.)
  • Esomar has three pillars. 1) Professional standards and quality, including ISO certification. 2) Get people together talking about the business and celebrate research. We do not celebrate loud enough, long enough, or hard enough. We’re not good at shouting about the great things we do. 3) Everything is based on research so spread that word and educate our youth. Ten universities are lined up for guest lectures and career days and ESOMAR would like to be a part of that in Canada.
  • It is ESOMAR’s 65th birthday this year. They will be releasing a book called “The ten questions you always wanted to ask about market research but were afraid to ask”. It’s coming out this year so watch for it. (I helped with this too!)
  • Shout loud about market research. (I’m doing my best dude. That’s what this blog is all about. )
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