Best of #Esomar Canada: Adam Froman Goes To The Opera #MRX

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This is one of several (almost) live blogs from the ESOMAR Best of Canada event on May 9, 2012. Any errors, omissions, and ridiculous side comments are my own.


Adam Froman, Delvinia

Shifting Donor Behaviour Online

  • Mission of change: Canada is a great place to be innovative and then present to the global marketplace.
  • We no longer preach the promise of what can be, we’re helping people struggle with the change that is here
  • MR has incredible depth of integrity about method and analysis. We want faster and cheaper which means rigor gets lost. We need to not get caught up in craziness of change.
  • Few people donate to the arts. It’s much easier to feel good about donating to health care.
  • How did the opera company build such a gorgeous theatre in downtown Toronto? How is their attendance so stunning? And why does their website suck so terribly? How can the online experience be so bad when everyone is digital now.
  • 1) Understand the behaviours of consumers before you build anything. What are the digital habits and behaviours of the opera consumers. They reviewed their digital transactions, ran an online survey, did 1:1 surveys.
  • Only about 18% of people were transacting online. The Joey and Toby Tannenbaum Opera Centre at F...Why so low? People who go to opera are actually more digitally inclined than average. They do more online. Of the two groups they identified, one group of people was overally involved in everything and they needed to save time. The website wasn’t designed to just buy a ticket. Second group of people wanted to chat with other opera lovers, even if their significant other hates opera.
  • 2) Strategy. Create an interactive digital experience that inspired people to stay engaged. At the time, they didn’t need marketing but they wanted to plan for three years ahead, needed to be aware of migrating people online. First engage, then commit, then donate. Created a three stage roadmap. Get the online experience the same as walking in the building and experienceing a stunning live performance.
  • 3) Build it. New website. Wherever people enter the website, they need to be able to find what they want. Collect data, not just transactional data, and then connect all the data together. Renewal brochures were usually mailed out but that was adapted to an appropriate online model. Let people choose whether they want a paper version.
  • Have seen a 30% increase in online sales. Online is now #1 channel for single ticket purchases and one time donations. Website bounce rates decreased from 56% to 26%.
  • Educate your team on how to engage and embrace social media, first, before you go to your consumers.
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