Y U No Have Research Objective? #MRX

Which of the following options is a research object?

  1. Running shoes
  2. Running shoes and colours
  3. How much are pink running shoes
  4. Is the price of running shoes dependent on the colour of the shoe?

Option #1: You’re in the same boat as many, many people. In fact, in the social media space, a lot of people arrive withno research objective

similarly vague non-goals. They’ve been told to “do something in social media” or “see what social media says” and they have no direction whatsoever. They’re bobbleheads spinning round and round in a sure-fire plan to find themselves sorely disappointed.

Option #2: Thank goodness the dizziness has stopped. The bobblehead has stopped spinning and it’s at least pointing in a general direction. There is still no specific  goal but at least the changes of stumbling up one have increased by a factor of 10 000.

Option #3: Now we’re starting to see the light. A question has been asked and there is actually an answer to the question. If  access to the right set of data exists, an answer can be found and provided. Of course, it’s not a terribly interesting question and answer but at least it is a question.

Option #4: Hallelujah! You are the lucky winner of an actual research objective. Not only is the dizziness gone, but now your bobblehead is pointed firmly in a very specific direction. There is an actual question that can be answered and it is more than simply a statement of fact. It’s a puzzle posed and potentially solved!

Here’s wishing you many puzzles and no bobbleheads!

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