The Drought is Upon Us

A whole and split Cadbury Creme Egg.

The last marshmallow bunny is gone.
The last bad tasting red jelly bean is gone.
The last Easter cream egg is gone.

You know it. The drought has begun.

With the arrival of Halloween, we enjoyed all incarnations of mini treats from chocolate bars to licorice to rockets and laffy taffy and suckers. We then waited for Christmas, for candy canes and candied nuts and chocolate santas. With that sugar looked after, we hung in there for Valentine’s day to enjoy heart shaped boxes of chocolate and gold foil hearts that proudly proclaimed Lindt. Easter brought an abundance of chocolate eggs and chicks and the glorious gold foil covered bunny. And that brings us to today.

The drought has begun. Unless you’re a mom or dad, your chocolate days are now on hold until the very last day of October. There will be no more chocolate gifts for six more months. But don’t worry. I feel your pain and I’m there for. Hold my hand.

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