Rant on my good friend, Rant on #MRX

The lovely thing about social media is just how easy it is to throw your opinion out there. Indeed, anyone can whip off a short twitter rant or massively long essay style rant.

Here’s a long rant about alcohol at conferences, a position I feel for and wish more people would take to heart. Do read it if you haven’t already as it has generated much controversy.

This rant is about unrealistic and sexist comments that women have to put up with. It’s another good rant that will make you re-evaluate your own thought patterns.

And here is a rant is about the prices at Tiffany’s, as if we really expected them to be stunningly reasonable.

And finally, a rant about closed content in public places.

But you know, I love rants. I love how they share massive quantities of data in a very tight space. I love how other people respond to individual pieces of the opinion, each one creating yet another piece of data. I love that every time someone rants about a brand, my database of insight generating tidbits grows.

So my dear friends, I beg of you. Rant on. Oh yes, rant on.

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