The Bakery Review: My Market Bakery

Mmmmm. I can barely write this bakery review. There is a loaf of rosemary olive bread sitting on the table next to me and it smells like absolute heaven.

So that brings me to the My Market Bakery on 172 Baldwin Street in Kensington Market. If you’re looking for a bakery that specializes in baking absolutely gorgeous bread, then this is it. I could stare at the beautiful bread for hours, and it’s not just white bread in different shapes.

Of course, they also have a pretty assortment of squares, cookies, bagels, and other desserts and every time I pass through, I can’t bare to leave without something. Previously, date squares or a gigantic butter tart square. Today, the olive bread. Which I must finish. Quickly. Because bread goes stale quickly and we don’t want that!

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