Correlation vs Causation: Give me popcorn and a movie will be shown #MRX

Church makes you fat and news stories make you stupid.

Just like that news article, misunderstandings about correlation and causation are rampant. We all know that correlations reflect things that tend to occur together whereas causation reflects one thing that makes the other thing happen. Well bah humbug. Enjoy these “correlations.”

  • Mass umbrella openings cause rain to fall
  • Putting on shorts and t-shirts causes it to be warm outside
  • Opening a door causes a person to walk through it
  • Buying popcorn causes movies to be shown
  • Buying plus sized clothing causes you to gain weight
  • Flying your own jet causes you to be a multi-millionaire

3 responses

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  2. “Opening a door causes a person to walk through it”

    This IS true of cats, however.

    1. Of course it is. Even in houses without cats.

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