The Bakery Review: Tre Mari Bakery

I go to bakeries. A lot of bakeries. In fact, I never walk past bakeries without going in. And when the bakery is situated part way along 4 hour walk, it’s simply survival instinct to go inside even if it’s only for a quick smell. I have come to the realization that it is my duty to share my knowledge with you and ensure that you find and visit the best bakeries out there.

Among the five or so bakeries I visited today, the Tre Marie on St. Clair Avenue West was certainly a highlight. In fact, I think it’s one of the better bakeries I’ve visited in Toronto. It’s quite large and on one side,  it includes a seating area for folks wanting lunch. Around to the other side, it has a huge section of bread behind which you can peak into the bakery and see everything happening. I’m a huge fan of bread and to feel the corn meal under my shoes was awesome. Bread that doesn’t spill its toppings all over the floor just isn’t real bread.

The best part for me, of course, was the sweet baking – fancy desserts, tons of pretty little cookies, one of a kind gorgeous cakes, and so much more. I ended up buying two things I’ve never seen before. One looked like a giant slice of calamari dipped in icing  and it turned out to be a light crunchy (6 inch wide!) cookie. The second item turned out to be layers and layers of philo covering a yum cream filling.

Great selection, great service, home atmosphere. Yum. It’s on my visit again list!

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  1. Great review! It shows that the place is clean and many customers are flocking to the bakery. I always go for a bakery which shows the baking process so I can be sure that it’s clean. We shouldn’t just look for yummy delights. More importantly, they should be clean and well-prepared.

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