Radical Market Research Idea #4: Make your spouse take your survey #MRX

We’ve all written surveys and imagined ourselves taking surveys. They’re not THAT bad, surely? We’re not THAT horrible at writing surveys, right? After all, we have years of experience and we’ve seen far worse than what we’ve just written. Why, just yesterday, we laughed our heads off at one of our competitor’s surveys.

If you’re that sure of yourself, try this. Print out that survey you just finished writing and bring it home to your spouse, your mom, your aunt, your nephew. Put it on the table and sit across from them while they answer it. Watch their face and specifically look for these signs:

GrimacegrimaceA man with a beard and glasses making a grimac..."Confused" (61/365)

Also watch out for these verbal indicators:

  • “Do I have to?”
  • “Oh my God, how many pages is this?”
  • “This makes no sense.”
  • “What the heck does nutritional value of chewing gum mean?”
  • “But I don’t even chew gum.”

If you felt bad or guilty about putting your spouse through this experience, why do you keep doing it? Now is the time to meet with your team, meet with your boss, meet with your CEO and figure out how to solve the problem. Radical.


4 responses

  1. Here is a variation: Don’t tell your spouse/aunt/mom/nephew that you made this survey. Pick any (imaginary or real) bad guy (boss, collegue, customer) and tell them they made it. This will make them much more willing to criticize.

  2. Terrible suggestion. I love my wife!

    1. 🙂 That’s good and bad news.

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