Finding the Right Social media Mix: Julie Wittes Schlack #Netgain6 #MRIA

netgain mriaWelcome to my #Netgain6 MRIA live blogs. What happens at St. Andrews Conference Centre, gets blogged for all to read about. Each posting is published immediately after the speaker finishes. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any silly comments in [ ] are my own. Enjoy!


Julie Wittes Schlack, Senior VP, Innovation and Design, Communispace

  • What would you share on facebook or linkedin? How far you ran? Your medicine cabinet? Computer complaints?
  • Best tool for business decision is what matters. We want something on a range from feedback to discover. And, we want something on a range from strategic to tactical.
  • Feedback is about the brand. Discovery is about the consumers.
  • In SN, the individual is the center of gravity. In a panel, the project is the center of gravity. In a private community, the purpose is the center of gravity.
  • Communi-panels [a new word for me!]
  • Panels are survey driven, one way learning, reactive, discontinuous approach
  • Social networks are for discover, unguided, one-to-one, one-to-many, unmoderated, content by or about themselves, can’t initiate conversation, little known about WHO says what, ideal for tracking
  • Online private communities are 3-way conversations with deep engagement, trusted relationships, identities are protected, can’t be gathered by data crawlers
  • Privacy is crucial for generating insight, particularly in the pharma area
  • Image Annotation is one tool – people draw all over images and write notes on everything
  • Ideation is another tool – Have people think about something, let them go away and come back later with their thoughts, let them upload drawings or images to share with everyone
  • Surveys – Can be a starting or ending within within a larger process
  • Mind mapping – visual free association tool, “create 20 nodes” forces people to get beyond the obvious, you can gather radically different schematics of how people organize the same general thought/category
  • Mobile ethnography – can people report on themselves? yes, send “in the moment” videos, people do these intimate videos because they feel that they are being heard
  • Heatmapping – What part of a website do people look at on a website, which words or images, you could just ask “What is most compelling about the ad” but clicking on the page works well
  • Communities let people think about things and change their minds over time
  • Communities let people disclose things they do NOT want to share with their facebook friends, e.g.,  skin issues, what your valentine’s card should say, your shopping budget
  • a “like” doesn’t mean they want to talk to you
  • and just because they talk to you, doesn’t mean you want to talk to them
  • Don’t mistake fan counts for engagement
  • Growth is not selling more but expanding the domain in which you can respond to your clients, consumers, and customers – Joe Batista, HP
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