Yin and Yang of Gamification: Bernie Malinoff #Netgain6 #MRIA

netgain mriaWelcome to my #Netgain6 MRIA live blogs. What happens at St. Andrews Conference Centre, gets blogged for all to read about. Each posting is published immediately after the speaker finishes. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any silly comments in [ ] are my own. Enjoy!

Bernie Malinoff, President, Element54
The Yin and Yang of Gamification

  • Grids are toxic for consumers and addictive for researchers
  • Bernie accepts he has a problem 🙂
  • Survey “Engagement” space race
  • Just because you have a flash question doesn’t mean you should use it – a yes no question is still a yes no question
  • DIY is beneficial to all and makes us better consultants
  • You could do the same question with  a radio button vs slide vs facial expressions vs visual skiier game – Why not first decide WHY you would choose one of the methods, take a purpose based approach
  • Issue of straightlining – Grid was 10%, flash question was 6%, flash question plus “bet $20” was 0% straightlining
  • Data cha0s – 40% variance in answers due to different methodologies
  • Gamification can be visual or linguistic
  • Do you put a little bit in a survey when it’s boring? only at the beginning? only at the end? pepper it throughout? THINK what makes sense
  • Flash surveys are 20% longer. Game version is 73% longer. But these options are much more enjoyable.
  • Adoption hurdles: norms (blow on a tracker and the results will change), scalability (efficiency of programming all surveys the same way, surveys go off to Santa’s workshop and come back all done)
  • I Love Lucy’s factory is an example of efficiency and creativity…. maybe. Is this how our survey programmers feel today? We treat it as just a production process.
  • You can’t replace the fundamentals with software
  • Most researchers are analytical but maybe not spending much time being creative about our approach to research
  • Big or small supplier/client, we share the same goals of better research and better data
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