The Lizard Made you do it!: Indivar Kushari #Netgain6 #MRIA

netgain mriaWelcome to my #Netgain6 MRIA live blogs. What happens at St. Andrews Conference Centre, gets blogged for all to read about. Each posting is published immediately after the speaker finishes. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any silly comments in [ ] are my own. Enjoy!


Indivar (Indy) Kushari, Senior Vice President, Ipsos, ASI, Toronto

  • Why the lizard? Refers to our primitive brain because it is our primary brain where emotions take place. Everything we do depends on emotions.
  • Emotion leads to actions, reason leads to conclusions – Donald B. Caine
  • 95% of brain processing is below conscious awareness, we need to better understand what we can’t say, neuroscience helps you get to the unknown emotional reaction
  • 4 types of neuro – facial coding (a person watches your face), fMRI (full monty of neuro, 360 degree view of brain, not the natural environment of how you watch TV, not cheap), EEG (electrodes all over your head), Biometrics (skin conductance, heart rate, breathing, motion)
  • Focus is biometrics – respondent participation is high as is comfort, wear a belt around the chest area, do the research with 30 people for stable results
  • Research done for ads, movie trailers and starts with number of control stimulus, e.g., funny videos, cute babies to calibrate each individual
  • Monitor all the vital signs during the specific ad on minute by minute (second by second) basis
  • Survey research on an iPad ad showed people liked the ad. People felt it was a unique ad. But the ad did not tell anything new. The WHYs were not answered.
  • Biometric research showed engagement during each second of ad. People were less interested in faster, thinner, lighter and more interested in delightful, magical, leap forward. The emotional payoff to humans was the part that mattered.  But, people were engaged at all times compared to norms.
  • Biometrics have been correlated with set-top box commercial ratings and channel changing behaviour.
  • It lets you see the emotional journey, where the highs and lows are, will it create buzz, and there is a high correlation with audience behaviour and online buzz
  • Voiceovers are a very powerful tool for getting an audience emotionally engaged, tension and release pattern is effective as long as the dip is small
  • Discovered the emotional benefit is what people respond to, not RAM or hard drive
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