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Welcome to my #Netgain6 MRIA live blogs. What happens at St. Andrews Conference Centre, gets blogged for all to read about. Each posting is published immediately after the speaker finishes. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any silly comments in [ ] are my own. Enjoy!


Bob Fawson, Chief Access, Supply and Engagement Officer at SSI

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  • Mark Twain – “reports of my death were exaggerated” – it seems to be the same for MR
  • In the US, a smartphone is a phone with internet access, texting is still increasing
  • Where do we keep our phone at night? In bed with me is actually a
    A portrait of the American writer Mark Twain t...

    popular answer, most people at least have it in their bedroom

  • Who are the avid users? 5+ hours per week which is 25% of users globally. Avids are in every age bracket though it is age related.
  • Avids are engaged in social fabric offline – restaurants, brick and mortar shopping, they aren’t just staring at screens
  • Avids buy based on quality not price, and they find that information in social networks
  • Half of avids have recommended a product or service online, they care more about recommendations from people they know
  • People want broad platforms but specific access to small network of friends
  • Mobile phones are part of the shopping experience where you check prices and reviews while you’re in the store
  • 40% of mobile owners are willing to participate in research and that percent is much higher among tablet owners [such keeners! they just love their pretty little tablet and need a reason to use it. 🙂 ]
  • Text message is the number one preferred method to participate in a survey but only a tiny sliver of our research is via mobile phones
  • How to reach avid users – invite through social network is most popular, then comes a simple post on a SN; Occasional users would prefer a telephone call [what? a phone call? people still use those things?]
  • Avids prefer non-panel sources, they’re already on other non-panel communities and don’t need yet another one full of people they don’t already know and share interests with
  • Who takes mobile surveys – the breakdown looks like a panel web survey, younger, high income, employed, more educated. SMS survey leans young. IVR leans older. Give people the opportunity to participate in whichever method best suits them. Choice is key.
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