Babies, bakeries, books…. or bogus?

I have a secret and I’m about to explode! I’ve been itching to tell folks for a while and I can’t wait any longer. The time is finally here. Almost…  I’m going to spill my guts on Monday, but in the meantime, here are a few options to mull over.

English: Tower Bridge, London, England.HappyBakery in Lille France

  1. I won 2.3 million dollars in September and I’m going to the OLG to claim it
  2. I finally secured financing to open Annie’s Bakery and I take possession of the space on Monday
  3. I finally finished writing my first novel about a quaint little bakery, something I’ve been wanting to do for years
  4. My household will soon include a small person who prefers to drink milk, sleep a lot, and cry until the neighbours complain
  5. I’m going back to school, full-time, to get a graduate degree, yes another one, in applied social work
  6. My recent trip to London, England was so inspiring that I’ve arranged to move there for a three year secondment
  7. Something even better and more cool than any of these.

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Curious? Maybe not but I bet you already guessed. Feel free to leave your guess below.


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  1. Written after the announcement was made:

    Best wishes for your new book. I will certainly get it.

    Although having your book published is a big achievement, it is not even better and more cool than adding a small person who prefers to drink milk and cries a lot to your household. I’ve done both.

    1. Thanks Naomi🙂
      I can only imagine how cool it is to have the small milk drinker around.

  2. Very intriguing! I look forward to your next announcement …..!! Congratulations are in order though I’m sure. Congratulations!!

    1. What could you possibly know? Have we met before?

  3. The baby would be my guess. Definitely more life-changing than the other alternatives. There is not a lot cooler than a baby in the right circumstances – ie wanted! Kiss your productivity good-bye for at least 20 years if this is the case. Well one kind of productivity anyway.

    1. Any names for me? Most people guessing baby are more than helpful with the names. Amanda is NOT an option.

  4. Option 1: Definately not as this is your top of mind first option to misguide
    Option 2: Hey you really don’t need financing now…at this career stage🙂
    Option 3: Don’t think so, you would rather write novel on statistics or social media but not on bakery
    Option 4: Let answer this after 3-4 months after having a lunch with you:-)
    Option 5: You would rather go as an professor than student so don’t think so
    Option 6: You would never leave toronto
    Option 7: Seems likely

    1. Hmmmm….I’m curious what you would choose for option 7. Starring in a smash hit movie? Cruise around the world? wait…. did I just tell you the real answer?

  5. My guess is #6…but I’m really hoping for #2!!

    1. Both are yummy choices…. tea with the queen or tea with all of Toronto. hm…..

  6. option 4? congratulations? (which is to say, congratulations! if this is accurate)

    1. A baby…. That’s a good guess. I wonder if that’s it? People are suggesting a whole lot of baby names to me…

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