How to encourage speeding in your surveys #MRX

As surveys grow longer and longer, market researchers have an urgent need to help responders save time and answer those surveys more quickly. To promote this cause, I have prepared this list with you in mind.speeding surveys

  1. Use lots of grids. Grids are an easy way to gather opinions about many questions in a very short space. Make it easy for responders to simply click click click click down a long column.
  2. Don’t reverse key items in grids. This only requires responders to actually read all the questions and this will really slow them down. Make every grid question positively worded and you’ll save everyone a lot of time.
  3. Include lots of Don’t Know and None of the Above options. It’s much quicker to choose those options than to think about your opinion.
  4. Don’t include screeners. Hey, everyone’s opinion is important so there’s no need to exclude anyone. Even if your survey is about lawn mowers and they don’t have a lawn. They’ve heard their friends talk about lawns so they know what they’re talking about.
  5. Don’t include open ended questions. People don’t really want to share opinions about things you didn’t ask and it just slows them down to have to verbalize their thoughts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tidbits of wisdom. Now go forth and survey!

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