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Live blogs by @LoveStats of @Conversition. This is a session summary from The Market Research Event by IIR in Orlando, Florida, November 2011. It was posted mere minutes after completion of the talk. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any humorous side remarks are also my own. Feel free to leave comments and critiques.

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  • The less you reflect your consumers, the more you need to build empathy
  • Dogs to empathy very well :). They have instinctual way to get to know each other. Humans don’t have that sniffing benefit. 🙂
  • Some places attract certain people like Harley Davidson, Apple, Avon. You work for them because you like them.
  • Leadership needs to understand consumer
  • When you look in the mirror, do you see your consumer “I don’t do the shopping” “I use the company store” “I don’t have time for twitter” These are empathy gaps.
  • We KNOW what they feel. We know HOW they think and what they do. We need to FEEL what they feel. We can relate to WHY they think. We need to turn knowledge into the ability to feel.
  • Research tools help but they are not sufficient

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  • Cultivate empathy! [I really like this. This is a unique perspective]
  • Working in beverages, she always sipped product. She didn’t drink a pop like a consumer would. Taste is not everything.  She brought the 11 ounce bottle to a meeting and told people to drink it. They couldnt’ finish the bottle. Do what the consumer will be doing. Put it in the right behaviour. Look at satiation and wear out for beverages.
  • Empathize with people who have a different situation. Open packages with gloves on.
  • Walk in your shoppers shoes. Wear their hats.
  • Touch point inventory. Consumer sabbatical. Empathy journal.
  • Touchpoint is process of each phase of shopper journey. Inventory of touchpoints. Identify empathy gaps. Explore, prepare, consumer, restore, dispose, shop, buy, transport, returnign it, read, wathc listen, share it
  • Sabbatical -if you aren’t a shopper, go shopping. if you don’t cook, cook. If you don’t have kids, borrow some (don’t steal them). Set a tight budget, plan and shop for 5, prepare and serve all week. See where the tradeoffs are. Don’t imagine it, do it.[love this ]
  • Journal your feels, look for patterns. detail all the facts and your feelings, opinions, emotions.
  • Company culture – get more people involved, immersion retreat or extreme ethnography [EXTREME!!!!] Moving a focus group to a different room does not count
  • Engage senior leadership, project teams, move away from the office, mix job functions, debrief every day. Discuss how it impacts your business.
  • do it at least once per year, but three seasonal sessions works well.
  • Digital discover – look at online language, read it, immerse yourself, follow the links
  • Get off the couch, get beyond migrated qualitative – shadowing, day in the life, no videos, no cameras, mystery shopping, get into personal ethnography.

Beyond Ethnography: Creating a Culture
Committed to Consumer Empathy
Paulette Kish, Strategic Insights Officer, Mars Petcare

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