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Market Research Event by IIR in Orlando, Florida, November 2011. It was posted mere minutes after completion of the talk. Any inaccuracies are my own. Any humorous side remarks are also my own. Feel free to leave comments and critiques.

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Mike Greco, EVP of Strategic Insight, A&E

  • [I’m am going to die laughing everytime he says dudeology]
  • Millennial men aged 18-31, Gen X is 32-45, Young boomer are 45-50; 1950 Twice as many manufacturing jobs exist. 2010 service jobs are 83% of jobs; 1955 half of men smoked, today 18% smoke; 1950 most men wear  hats, 2010 only 6% of men wear ties daily; 1914 mothers day became a holiday, 1966 men get their holiday
  • Men aren’t evolving as fast as their female counterparts. Evolution of women played a role in transformation of men. Think how women handle family, education, career. Women are breaking into “man” territory. Single women want kids, house, career but don’t need a man for that.
  • Stereotypes of men in comedy aren’t very positive
  • Who is the aspirational male – Sensible, caring, adaptable – Will Smith, Obama, Rex Ryan (crying is permitted), Phil Nickelson (supported wife through breast cancer) – Fun, responsible, accomplishment
  • Male identify – family, career, health
  • Family – provide, decide, protect – that’s olden days. Now it means can you even say man of the house? Provide emotional support, decide is not compromise, protect is trust and education now. “Pair”enting.
  • Dads have more permission to have fun now, on playground, playing games, helpigng with homework. Companies are now targeting this more involved dad.
  • Work – men still say work is who they are. But have to cede primary breadwinner role. Workplace is more tolerant for women to make sacrifices for work/family. Having a female breadwinner does not cause trouble.
  • Health – It’s a responsibility for you and your family. men struggle with weight, convenient cheap fast food, BEER. Need easy healthiness – wear shapeups, lower fat food, whole foods, trader joes
  • Gender role co-opting – women have always been movie stars but now they are action stars. Women are now sports stars in nascar and baseball. Where does this leave men?
  • Boys will be boys – It’s still guy time in guy world – golf time, fishing time, football at the bar.  Home brewing us up, male barbershops are more frequent, more cigar bars, more video games
  • Now men in tattoos are picking out wallpaper on TV shows and heading up cooking shows. Male wedding showers with stock the bar and fill up the tool shed themes
  • More pink collar jobs have men – nurses, elementary school teachers, “Mannies” (Male nannies”
  • Technology trinity – it’s a blend of work and family, it’s not technology any more. It’s a social currency. social currency is talk specs, price, surround sound, tv size, setting up technology. Technology has mystified a lot of processes – you can’t fix your own car. BUT, now you can read how to tile your bathroom online.
  • Engage through information – know a little bit about a lot of subjects. And be an expert in your favourite field.
  • Don’t be misled by old stereotypes. Information is power. Acknowledge home and work. Join the community. Create unique guy worlds. Reinvent and revive. Achievement doesn’t need to cost a lot.
  • Don’t do the i’m sorry pathetic stereotype. be the most interesting man in the world.
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