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Market Research Event by IIR in Orlando, Florida, November 2011. It was posted mere minutes after completion of the talk. Any

inaccuracies are my own. Any humorous side remarks are also my own. Feel free to leave comments and critiques.

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10:00 – Our Increasing Emotional Connection to Food and the Influence of Food Media
Gabe Gordon, VP, Brand Research, Food Category, Scripps Networks
(Food Network, Cooking Channel)

  • Harnessing the Power of Food [Buzzword Bingo!]
  • n=4500, 100 ethnographic sessions, all to understand how people interact with food; national rep sample and food connectors study [with age cut-off at 65, why do we ignore older people?]
  • Food is the ultimate social media [Hm. i highly doubt that. food means nothing to me.]
  • Food and cooking then was home-ec class and food behind the counter; now it’s social, men and women, learning about food, expanding your range
  • one third of country leads the food conversation; “foodie” is shallow and status oriented
  • Who are the food connectors? like sports, travel, entertainment, it’s part of their identity, 41% of 18-34 year olds, 36% of 35-49 year olds, 29% of 50-64 year olds
  • They are demographically diverse – 50% of african americans are food connected, 45% more likely than white or asian people
  • Food connectors like experimenting with recipes, learning facts about food, look for new ways to make meal time interesting
  • There are modes of being a food connector and people gravitate between modes all day long; social eaters, passionate chefs, green enthusiasts, food travelers, healthy thinkers
  • Cooking is more of an expressive opportunity than a chore. You can tell a lot about people by what they bring to a potluck.
  • People want to get closer to food now, In mid century, women liberated from cooking with processed and frozen food. Younger people feel like cooking skipped a generation and they want to recall gramma’s recipes
  • Now, convenience matters, but people want more meaning, simplicity, history, authenticity
  • People want to eat healthier, grow their own food
  • You CAN be health conscious and want fast food [sounds familiar…]
  • Healthy needs to become “cool”
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